About ConnectUni

ConnectUni has one simple goal - to make your life going to university easier.

By signing up for free today you’ll be given access to features which will help make university living a breeze, whether you’re a college student applying for the first time or somebody already studying at university.

“I’m a college student applying to university, what can ConnectUni do for me?”

Starting university can be a bit scary, especially when you move away from home. ConnectUni helps you with all of the basics like friends, housing, and a job, even while you’re still at college, so you can start university confidently:

  • Meet other students - the ConnectUni platform helps you meet new people, whether they are applying for university or already studying there. You can interact with other students in several ways, such as public statuses or private messaging.
  • Find students near you - our mapping system allows you to see other students in your area; great for finding people in your local area and making friends before university starts.
  • Find a house or apartment - If you aren’t staying in university accommodation, finding somewhere to live is an important but daunting task. We collate information from some of the largest online housing providers and work with estate agents to bring you the best housing offers around your chosen university.
  • Find a job - getting a part time job is sometimes a necessary part of university. We show you the latest jobs being advertised in your local area from online job boards and local recruitment companies, giving you the best chance of finding a job that fits in with your studies.

“I’m already studying at university, why should I use ConnectUni?”

ConnectUni provides extra features when you start university to help you both during and after your studies:

  • Meet students studying similar courses worldwide - maybe you need support with coursework, would like to start collaborative research, or are just interested in networking outside of your university. ConnectUni can help you talk to people nationwide who are interested in the same thing you are.
  • Networking is a key to success - by talking to students worldwide, you could very easily meet your future employer, business partner, or be provided career opportunities you couldn't have found alone.